About us
Chengdu Sinoscite Technology Co., Ltd.
      Chengdu Sinoscite Technology Co., Ltd. is an international advocate of innovation in microwave and millimeter wave fields. The company has long been dedicated to the professional design, production and sales of high-end microwave and millimeter wave devices and systems.
      The company focuses on providing customized / specialized solutions to customers. Sinoscite pays attention to the development and protection of independent intellectual property rights. The company has more than 40 invention patents, 160 utility model patents and more than 100 invention patents under examination and approval. The company has more than 30 full-time research and development teams with bachelor's, master's and doctor's degrees. Sinoscite technology and products cover a frequency range of 0.2 GHz to 220 GHz, mainly including various microwave and millimeter waves, filters, multiplexers, directional couplers, waveguide calibration components, etc.
      The company has a series of integrated waveguide network technologies, which will be the necessary scheme for large and complex millimeter wave and terahertz waveguide networks with low cost and high reliability. The company has been working closely with key domestic universities for a long time to vigorously promote the innovation and development of international cutting-edge technologies. Several microwave and millimeter wave technologies have reached the world's leading level.